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BUSHY is the only brand in Melbourne that makes undies out of Eucalyptus Tencel.

We are here to show that it IS possible to make extremely comfortable, locally made, ethical underwear.



Photo by Jacinta Pogson @inyournature

Photo by Jacinta Pogson @inyournature

Tencel® is natural cellulose fibre made from Eucalyptus trees. FSC certified Eucalypt plantations form the timber used globally when making this premium quality textile.



Tencel is softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen. Seriously Tencel made garments are some of the most comfortable pieces you will ever wear.


10 times more ecological than cotton. Up to 20% less water usage for production. No pesticides or synthetic solvents used in the manufacturing process. Made 100% out of fast growing and sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees.


The smooth fibre surface makes for an outstanding feeling of softness, preventing any irritation to the skin.


Tencel fibres transport moisture directly to the fibre core, keeping the surface of your undies. The result: up to 2000 times less bacteria grow on Tencel fibres than on synthetic fibres, eliminating body odour effectively.


Tencel can absorb huge amounts of moisture, without wetting the fibre surface. The moisture is directed into the fibre core, thanks to a network of sub-microscopic channels called nanofibrils.

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Who makes BUSHY?


Melbourne textile knitting co.

Stephen & Trudy Morris-Moody

Stephen started his career in the textile industry in the late 1970s as a wool buyer for the large Japanese trading company Mitsui & Co. He then went on to work for a British company designing hand knitting yarns from 1984 onwards. This led into the fine gauge knits he now currently produces from a variety of fibres.

MTK is 90 years old, Stephen has worked within it for 30 years and has owned it for the last 6 years.


Vangaki PTY LTD.

Aki Economou

Two days before Aki was born his parents started their garment manufacturing company based in Collingwood. As he grew up he became progressively more involved in the family business.

In 1981 he started working with his parents full time and in 1989 he took over the business. In this time the Economou family have become renowned for making premium quality garments for a variety of prominent Australian brands.

‘What I enjoy most is making beautiful quality garments and seeing people wear them.’

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Goals For Our Future.


BUSHY begun as a response to men’s buyer behaviour changing towards underwear, but it is not limited by one motivation. We are always looking to solve current and future problems through thoughtful design.

Currently our design department is working on gender neutral solutions to underwear. This has been an ongoing issue for many people who feel uncomfortable in the options they have available to them. We believe it’s never been more important to find garments that cater to all genders.

In conjunction with gender neutral garments we are also developing a female range which will begin to release in 2019. Stay in the loop by signing up to our mailing list!


Areas which we can improve.

Our local supply chain has taken over two years to develop. In this time we’ve been able to build strong local connections that cover most of our manufacturing requirements. But there are still many areas which we can refine. Below are a list of improvements we are constantly building upon to ensure the BUSHY garments you receive are of the highest quality without compromise.



A thorough sampling phase was undertaken when determining which waistband would be appropriate to use for BUSHY garments.

We tested a variety of local and international products, putting a lot of thought into the decision. Unfortunately the locally made elastic products we sampled weren’t at an acceptable standard to use for BUSHY. International elastic products sourced from China came out with the highest quality results.

This is a starting point for us, with each production run we review our processes and look to constantly improve our garments through research & development into ethical elastic alternatives.


Our care labels are currently made in China. This will be rectified by May 2019 as we work with local label partners to make an appropriate BUSHY care label.


Our material is a 96% Tencel / 4% Elastane jersey. Elastane is a synthetic polyether-polyurea copolymer that doesn’t biodegrade. We are currently looking at ethical alternatives to elastane to partner with our Tencel.

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