We are Australian made and owned.

Our operations are based in Victoria with most of our supply chain located in Melbourne.

Ethically made undergarmets that priortise People, Place and the Planet.

Meet Our Makers

Fabric - Melbourne, Australia.

Stephen started his career in the textile industry in the late 1970s as a wool buyer for the large Japanese trading company Mitsui & Co.

He then went on to work for a British company designing hand knitting yarns from 1984 onwards. This led into the fine gauge knits he now currently produces from a variety of fibres.

His business is 90 years old, Stephen has worked within it for 30 years and has owned it for the last 6 years.

CMT - Melbourne, Australia.

Two days before Aki was born his parents started their garment manufacturing company based in Collingwood, Melbourne.

In 1981 he started working with his parents full time and in 1989 he took over the business.

In this time the Economou family have become renowned for making premium quality garments for a variety of prominent Australian brands.

‘What I enjoy most is making beautiful quality garments and seeing people wear them.’

Aki Economou


Soft Touch

Our underwear is softer than silk and cooler than linen. A premium quality fabric that stands up against any of the worlds most beautiful textiles.

Odour Resistant

TENCEL™ fibres transport moisture directly to the fibre core, keeping the surface of your undies fresh and effectively eliminating body odour.


2000x LESS bacteria grows on TENCEL™ compared to synthetic fibres.

Moisture Wicking

TENCEL™ is 17x more absorbent than cotton. It can absorb huge amounts of moisture, without wetting the fibre surface. The moisture is directed into the fibre core, thanks to a network of sub-microscopic channels called nanofibrils.

Biodegradable in 12 Weeks

Note that 96% of our underwear fabric DOES biodegrade but the other 4% does NOT (Including the waistband).

We use elastane for extra stretch in our underwear, but unfortunately elastane isn't a natural fibre, therefore it doesn't biodegrade.



Our Eucalyptus trees are sourced from the FSC Certified® international farms listed.

A commitment to minimal intervention when growing the trees is utilised.

Meaning no pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers or irrigation systems.

Purely a reliance on natural inputs for growth, such as rainfall and sun.

Did you know?

The tallest Eucalyptus trees in Australia (Mountain Ash, Eucalyptus Regnans) are found in Tasmania.



Ethical Clothing Australia is an accreditation body working with local textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) businesses to ensure their local Australian supply chains are transparent and legally compliant.

BUSHY is in compliance with the Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award 2010. This ensures all workers rights are enforced across our complete supply chain.


The Australian Made Trade Mark logo validates BUSHY products as Made in Australia.

With over 99% of Australian's recognising the Australia Made Trade Mark logo we thought it was vital to have this certification in order to build trust in the BUSHY brand.


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