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How should I wash them?

Cold wash only! A simple cold wash will ensure your garments don’t stretch or wither.

How OFTEN do I need to wash them?

TENCEL™ has anti-microbial properties very similar to Merino wool micro-fibre. The anti-microbial properties mean you can wear your BUSHY garments for 2-4 days before they need to be washed!

How do I dry them?

Low heat tumble dry or air dry. No need to iron or dry clean :)

How do they fit?

Our undies fit TRUE to size. When you put them on they should hug you firmly. After a few hours of power you will feel them begin to stretch and mould to your body. Please refer to our size guide for more info.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Don't like your BUSHIES after wearing them for 30 days? No problem we'll give you a FULL REFUND on your first pair!



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