Impact Report 2023

Click below to read our Impact Report 2023.

It outlines what we’ve achieved from a social and environmental standpoint. The report also highlights our weaknesses, what we’ve struggled to achieve and what we could be doing better.

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Paying The Rent

1% of our revenue goes towards First Nations Futures.
To read our Journal article speaking about why we donate to this specific First Nations organisation click the button below.

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Planting Trees

1 tree planted for every pair sold. We plant trees in a variety of places around the world via our tree planting partner Ecologi.

As we use a wood based fibre we felt it was the right move to plant trees to replace the ones utilised in our supply chain. This isn't a perfect solution by a long margin, but it's something we currently see value in.



Ethical Clothing Australia

ECA acreditation ensures everyone within our supply chain in Australia is paid a fair and living wage. We adhere to these policies via and in collaboration with the Textile Clothing and Footwear (TCF) union.

Australian Made

Certifying our products as 'Australian Made' gives validity to our brand as it ensures that the claims being made around our Australian based supply chain are true. We also love being able to whack the iconic Australian Made kangaroo logo all over our stuff.

Carbon Neutral (Coming 2024)

A carbon neutral certification is currently in the works - With plans to officially launch sometime in 2024. These certifications help to keep us accountable and track our carbon output, before actioning measures to offset those emissions. It's a fine line between supporting impactful offset measures and greenwashing. We're working to find the right projects which genuinely embed carbon back into the earth.









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