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Raw Materials

Multiple locations

Multiple locations

The natural cellulose fibre used within our garments is sourced from sustainably harvested, FSC© certified new growth tree plantations globally, often eucalyptus. All wood suppliers are required to agree to Lenzing’s Wood & Pulp Policy, a supply code of conduct and 3rd party auditing to ensure certification standards are upheld.


Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

TENCEL™ yarn knitted into our silky smooth BUSHY fabric in Melbourne by Stephen.

Stephen started his career in the textile industry in the late 1970s as a wool buyer for the large Japanese trading company Mitsui & Co. He then worked for a British company designing hand-knitting yarns from 1984 onwards. This led to the fine-gauge knits he now produces from a variety of fibres.

Stephen's business is 90 years old, and he has worked within it for 30 years. He has owned it for the last 6 years.


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Elastic for our waistbands are the only a part of the BUSHY garments that aren't produced in Australia.

Unfortunately, Australia no longer has the manufacturing capability to produce elastic waistbands of the quality and style we need.

These jacquard waistbands with debossed BUSHY logos are made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We have ensured that the manufacturer we work with upholds all applicable labour certifications and ISO standards.


Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Feeling the itch of a scratchy label from your underwear is something to which no one should be subjected to!

To ensure this doesn't occur, we use recycled poly heat press labels on all our garments.

These labels are made in Sydney, Australia.


Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The process of turning our materials into underwear is done by our superstar maker Aki in Melbourne.

Two days before Aki was born his parents started their garment manufacturing company based in Collingwood, Melbourne.

In 1981 he started working with his parents full time and in 1989 he took over the business.

In this time his family have become renowned for making premium quality garments for a variety of prominent Australian brands.

Aki Economou

What we're working to improve.

End of Life

Currently we don’t have an end of life solution for your BUSHIES. We’re working in the background to develop an end of life program, with the ultimate goal of completing the circularity of our supply chain.


TENCEL™ is certified by TÜV Austria Belgium NV as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions.

96% of our garments are made from TENCEL™, with the remaining 4% plus our elastic waistbands being made from petroleum based elastane.

We are currently trialling a variety of bio-based elastics to obtain a 100% biodegradability certification.

Raw Materials

Lenzing TENCEL™ is one of the most environmentally conscious fibres currently available.

However we acknowledge that timber based products, if sourced without regulation can have large environmental consequences. We've all seen how poor agroforestry practices can have huge negative impacts on biodiversity, top soil conditions and a rapid reduction in global tree populations.

The process of sourcing FSC certified new growth Eucalyptus plantations via a Lenzing approved supply chain process is one of the most stringent methods to source any fibre for garment manufacturing. We are constantly reviewing our material selection within the BUSHY supply chain.








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