Underwear made in Australia.

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Sick of wearing sh!t underwer?

We were too, so we went on a journey to create something special, that you can be proud to wear.

Made from environmentally conscious, premium comfort fabrics, all here in Australia.

Become the first of your friends and family to wear BUSHY.

Our Best sellers

Our Best sellers

Our Best sellers

Our Best sellers

Unlike many other brands our premium quality underwear is made to last. That means if you have any issues we'll happily replace your BUSHIES free of charge within twelve months of purchase.

We plant one tree for every pair of BUSHIES sold. Assisting in the sequestering of carbon and ensuring our business adheres to sustainable agroforestry practices.

Don't believe everything you read - Garment manufacturing in Australia is alive and thriving. Purchasing BUSHIES ensures that we keep supporting multi-generational local Australian businesses.


Locally made undies with surprisingly great support. I wore the same pair for three days while in Spain. Didn't stink! Will definitely buy another pair. 

Gus J

Bought some for myself and loved them so much I bought a couple of pairs for my dad and brother as birthday gifts. Epic brand and an awesome product.

Max A

Just wore a pair today on this sweltering day, all feels very breathy, compact and relaxed down there.

Victor M

The real deal - I can't wear my other underwear after putting these on. Will have to buy a full weeks worth.

Mael N

Sily smooth with that fresh feel even after a few washes. My date night underwear.

Hazim F

The whole 'Made in Australia' thing sparked my curiosity. I didn't think any underwear was made here anymore. Cool to hear stories about the local makers. Great idea.

Darryl T

Next level comfort! When are you making different colours?

Abdul A 

I'm the self proclaimed king of chafe. The other day I wore a pair of these on a 32km hike, in 30 degree, humid weather with not a sign of chafe. Highly recommended for you thick thighed people. That aside, also extremely comfortable and breathable. Dry quite quickly too.

Wendell G

I'm a creative who travels for work (also my passion). Before getting on any flight I always make sure I'm wearing a pair of BUSHIES. Breathable, silky smooth, perfect for flying at 38,000ft.

Themba W

Went travelling with 3 BUSHY pairs. Lasted me the whole trip wearing them for around 2 days per pair. It's true they don't stink.

Andy N


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