Women - Our New Range

As BUSHY has grown there has always been the plan to expand our ranges, to accommodate all genders.

With many female spouse and family members still buying their partner underwear, we knew it was always a when, not if, for launching a Women’s range.

However, what we acknowledged as a team is that women have a completely different relationship with their underwear comparative to other genders.

That understanding framed our thinking.

Take it slow and do it right.

Don’t rush to bring something to market that is subpar.

A slow jog is better than a fast sprint.

This mentality has guided our product development process, our positioning and  thinking.

It’s felt at times that we may never launch - With roadblock after roadblock emerging.

Manufacturing limitations, technical fit problems, a lengthy and often futile sampling process. Jumping between styles, attempting to find that unattainable perfect balance between style and comfort.

Park it on the shelf and come back to it later.

In total we calculated that is taken us around 35 months or 2.5 years to get to this point.

In a world where many brands launch new products at a weekly or even daily cadence, we moved at a glacial speed.

Who knows if the cost benefit of time to launch has paid off.

We think it was a worthwhile process, but really it’s up to you to make that judgement.

Please wear them to death, tell us what you love and dislike about them. How we could be doing better, and what we’ve failed to consider.


We’re aiming to iterate and improve all three of our female garments with each production run. So the pairs you buy today, won’t be the same as the pairs you try in six months time. They’ll be better!

Thanks to everyone involved in getting this range off the ground!

Click below to try one or all of our Thong, Bikini and Crop Top :)


Much Love,

The BUSHY Team.


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