Gender Neutral

Having had an incredible response for our Men's boxer-brief we were constantly posed with the question of why we hadn't made a similar style of underwear to cater for everyone else? 

Great question - Why hadn't we? 

Well after over a year in development we're excited to be launching the


 An under-short made for EVERYONE!

Ergonomically designed to fit all body shapes.

BUSHY Gender Neutral Short

We want to be an inclusive of all genders. Providing everyone the opportunity to feel comfortable in our undergarments.

In 2021 is that so hard to achieve? We think it's quite easy really.

Prioritising people, place and the planet are the values we have built the BUSHY brand around. 

Our Gender Neutral Range displays these values by prioritising ALL people.

So thank you to everyone who reached out, sent us emails, DM's and spoke to us in person. Without your insistence we wouldn't have integrated this undergarment into our journey.

Try them TODAY and see how you like them!


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