Paying The Rent

Paying The Rent has been something we've been discussing internally for around two years.

Initially we didn't know what would be the most impactful and genuine way of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands people in Australia.

As a group of young white Australian's we wanted to be respectful in our actions.

We took the time to speak to a variety of different First Nations people, who all gave their thoughts, ideas and in most cases encouragement.

Now after a thorough level of considered thought and discussion we’d like to share that we will be paying 1% of our revenue to First Nations Futures ongoing.

Let's acknowledge that is as a very small first step in much longer process and journey.

One which we aim to create ongoing connection between First Nations people and BUSHY.

The way we grow, learn and listen to First Nations people, communities and organisations is on a non-linear path, set by the values of honesty and respect.

We've got a lot of work to do as a business to show that we mean more than the words written on a website, or the dollars donated to one organisation.

But hopefully this gives you a small insight into the direction we are going.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you've got any further thoughts, ideas or comments please reach out.

We're always happy to chat further.


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