Y-Brief 2.0

Our Men's Y-Brief product was born out of a customer need.

Many men we spoke to liked the idea of BUSHY, but only wore Y-Briefs. We took their feedback on board and quickly launched our Y-Brief 1.0 in September 2021. Our goal was to bring a style to market as fast as possible. We determined that launching at speed was the best way to move forward with validating our Y-Brief design, essentially throwing caution to the wind.

However, within weeks of launching, we became aware of quite a few limitations in our initial design. The front pouch had not enough fabric, the seamline cut too high over the buttock, and the elastic cut in a little too much. We recorded every single piece of customer feedback and iterated our design. A sampling process then occurred in the background with a select group of Australian men. We tinkered with and refined the elastic, fit, comfort, and style.

Although it took around six months longer than anticipated, we're excited to finally launch our Y-Brief 2.0. This design was considered and tested more than any other product we’ve launched, resulting in a much more comfortable Y-Brief.

Our support team have reached out to most customers who bought the Y-Brief 1.0, but if you are an existing customer and haven’t heard from us yet shoot us an email at hello@bushyunderwear.com

We'd love to give you a pair of 2.0 free of charge to hear what you think!

We have always been open about constantly improving our products, and this is just another example of this process. Ultimately, it is important that you love what we make. Thank you for your ongoing support throughout the BUSHY journey. 



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